Welcome To The Survival Matrix

We Just Recently Opened our Doors to The Public.

We Are A Retail Supplier of Survival Gear And Emergency Preparedness

Imagine if they shut down the country again because of (The Covid 19 Pandemic) or something else. You lose you job can’t pay your rent can’t get a new job. Get thrown out of your house and have no where to go but the woods. Then you will need one of everything we sell.

We offer (sleeping bags, tents, fire starters, hammocks, mess kits, camp stove burners to cook with, knives, camp axe, folding saw etc.). We offer all of these products at a reasonable price, and everything weighs about 35LBS. and fits in a 35 liter backpack. There is nothing like being prepared. Even if you never use it at least you have it. It’s better to have it and not need it, Rather than to need it and not have it. 

So be smart and check out our store to see if any of our gear is right for you. I can guarantee we have most of what you will need to survive in the wild if you are pushed out. Please take a look. Thank you for visiting. Please tell your friends and family members of our store if you like what you see, and please come again. Thank you. MGMT.